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Our job since 1965


Negozio-laboratorio-artigianoThe workshop of Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani is visible from the store itself. This allows the customers to see the artisans at work as well as the place where the product they are purchasing is created – they can see it take shape.

Since the opening of the workshop, La Pelletteria has pretty much had the same look.  The coffered ceilings with rich stucco suggest that it is a true workshop, inextricably linked to the Florentine tradition. There is a large work desk with six stations at the center of the main room.  It is the place where the raw material is processed and transformed into the leather objects of Pelletteria Artigiana – bags, wallets, and belts. 

The large cutting table on the left side of the lab is where the leather is cut from its original form and takes the shape of new forms. On walls are patterns for the processing and cutting of all the bags that have been produced over the years in Pelletteria (some of which are very old). They function both as working tools and beautiful decoration.  Along the sides of the great hall is the typical work-machinery found when working with leather: the splitting machine, the skiving and slicing tools, and – naturally – the sewing machine. 

Everywhere (sometimes in their correct place) you can see typical tools of the profession: hammers, scissors, stitching awls, blades, tongs, tailor’s measuring tools, brushes, paint, and more.  On the surface everything in is in disorder, but this is just the “order” of the artisan. In the background, a beautiful 19th century garden makes this pleasant workplace a nice place to spend one’s time every day.

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