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Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani© is a trademark of:
PELLETTERIA ARTIGIANA s.a.s. di Viviani Viviana & C.
tel + 39 055 282730

Registered Business Address:
Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s

Via Guelfa 3/a
50129 Florence Italy
VAT number: 00496840489

For shipping logistics, every order can be up to 3 items. Orders over, please complete the first order and proceed to a new one.
Please be reminded that colors are perceived differently depending on the device you are using. Although we only use high-quality photos, the actual color of an item may vary slightly from how it appears on your display.

Information regarding goods ordered
Customers can check the status of their orders by emailing or calling us at +39 055 282730. Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. will track dispatched orders on the shipper/courier’s website.

To cancel or modify an order
To modify or cancel an order contact Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. as soon as possible by email or call +39 055 282730. Always indicate the order reference number.

Copies of documents (e.g. invoices) and corrections to personal data
To request a copy of a document (e.g. an invoice) or to correct personal data in a document, email or call +39 055 282730. Always remember to specify the type of document you want copied or corrected and indicate the number of the document.

All prices listed are inclusive of VAT.

Purchases made on this site are secure and guaranteed. Payment can be:
– by Bank Transfer in advance
– by PayPal

Payment in advance by Bank Transfer
If payment is by Bank Transfer, the order will only be processed when confirmation has been received from the bank that our account has been credited with the amount owed.
Payment must be received within 5 days of the date of the order. If not, the order will automatically be cancelled. As Reason for Payment customers must specify the order number and date and their name and address.
Bank Transfers should be sent to:
Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. , Via Guelfa 3/a – 50129 FLORENCE ITALY
Bank: Intesa SanPaolo, Agenzia di Piazza della Repubblica, FLORENCE ITALY
IT59 A030 6902 9221 0000 0015 513

Payment with PayPal
If you click on the PayPal option, you will be directed to the PayPal site where you can insert your email and password and make the payment. Your personal data will not be shared with Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. but handled directly by PayPal. In case of cancellation of the order by the customer or inability to supply the goods ordered by Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s., the refund will be paid into your PayPal account. Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. will not be held responsible for any delay in reimbursement or inconvenience caused by this.


Shipping cost
The shipping cost is as follows:
EU countries – € 20,00
Other countries – € 40,00

Any import duties or VAT for foreign countries are payable by the recipient.

Delivery time
Delivery time of goods ordered are variable and are specified in the order of the product.

Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. uses conventional carriers, choosing the one which offers the best service/cost ratio for the destination: this allows us to offer each of our customers the best delivery solution in terms of service quality and cost.

On receipt of goods, the customer is required to check that the packaging is intact otherwise the customer must immediately protest the delivery and write on the carrier’s delivery sheet “RESERVE TO CHECK GOODS FOR…” (indicating the motivation)

Our firm has entrusted our delivery/shipping services to SDA.
For this reason you may find the term SDA as well as Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. on the transportation documents, being our authorized carrier.

The right to return goods is regulated by the relevant legislation and the customer-consumer (i.e. a person who purchases goods for reasons not connected with their professional activity, in other words who makes the purchase without supplying a VAT number on the order form) has the right to return the goods for whatever reason. To exercise this right the customer must send a registered letter or PEC ( within 14 days of the date of delivery of the goods.
N.B. This right does not apply to customers who have purchased goods with a VAT number.
The right to return goods is subject to the following conditions:
– the item must be intact and returned in its original packaging, complete in every part (including outer wrapping, accessories and leaflets, etc);
– shipment up to documented arrival at our warehouse is the customer’s responsibility;
Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. is not responsible for damage to or theft/loss of uninsured returned items.

Returning goods

After having communicated the intention of returning an item, the customer has another 14 days to return it to Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s., along with the authorization form received.
Excepting any costs incurred for damage to the original packaging, Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. will return the entire sum paid by the customer for the product, including the original transportation costs, within 14 days of receiving notice of cancellation from the customer, either by Credit Card refund or by Bank Transfer.
If the latter, the customer must supply his/her full name and address, tax code (codice fiscale) and bank details (IBAN).
Transportation costs for returned goods are payable by the customer/consumer.

When the right to return goods no longer holds

The right to return goods no longer holds when the item returned does not meet the essential condition, i.e. when it is not complete (product and/or packaging). This is the case when Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. finds that:
– the product has been used, even partially;
– the original outer wrapping and/or inner packaging is missing;
– parts of the product (accessories, labels, etc) are missing;
– the product is damaged but the damage did not take place during transportation

Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s.
declares hereby that the products on sale in this website are not manufactured with leather from animal species subject to protected status in accordance with the Washington Agreement (as confirmed by the Italian law no 874 of 19/12/1987 including subsequent additions), and that the leather has not been tanned with oils and other by-products of blubber of whale and other endangered cetaceans.

According to the Italian Executive Order 196/03, we inform you that all your personal information collected by us will be used by Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. only for:
– information, advertisement and promotional purposes;
– invoicing in case of buying.
Your personal information will be used solely for such purposes. According with the above-mentioned Italian Executive Order, art. 7, you can, at any time, access your personal information, request update, removal, correction or locking, or forbid use thereof. For further information, please apply the Data supervisor in charge, Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. di Viviana Viviani, Via Guelfa 3/a, I-50129 FI, Florence (Italy), phone +39 055 282730

With reference to the above information and in accordance and due compliance with the Italian Executive Order 196/03, art. 13, I the Undersigned do hereby declare that I have received full and complete information about the law enforcements concerning protection of personal data; in consequence thereof and in accordance with the Italian Executive Order 196/03, art. 23, I the Undersigned do hereby consent that my personal data be used by Pelletteria Artigiana s.a.s. according to the above terms and for the aforesaid purposes.

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