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Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani has its roots in the great tradition of Florentine and Tuscan leather manufacturing of handmade leather products. Created in 1965, it immediately distinguished itself as an ideal continuation of the centuries-old tradition of Florentine workshops. And it is a rare example of a store with its workshop in view. The customer can buy a unique piece of craftsmanship and, at the same time, see the laboratory where the bags are created by skilled craftsmen.

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The shop

Our shop is located in a nineteenth-century historical building built on an existing site dating back to the Renaissance. The “rosta”, i.e. the wrought iron bezel that dominates the sign, is the work of local iron artisans from the last century. It has at its center the symbol of a stylized lily of Florence, which became the emblem and logo of Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani.

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The Workshop

The lab is adjacent to the shop: to our customers it is invaluable to observe the artisans at work!
On the walls are the processing and cutting patterns for all bags produced over the years – they simultaneously function as a working tool and the most beautiful scenery. On the sides of the great hall is the old machinery used when working in leather: the splitting, the skiving, and the sewing machine.

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Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani considers the raw material as the base of a craft and the excellent quality of the leather is a distinctive feature of our production. The cutting of the leather is entirely by hand, and we do not use industrial tools. It is therefore a process of high-quality craftsmanship and Italian elegance and practicality.

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