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Pellame-artigianoThe work surrounding the bags and other leather objects from Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani begins with the selection of the leather.  The raw material is the basis of artisanal work and high-quality leather is a distinctive trait of our production.  For our creations, we use Tuscan leathers manufactured in the tanneries of Santa Croce on Arno.
The cutting of the leather is entirely by hand, without the use of industrial tools.

Lavorazione-pellame-borseThe leather parts are cut and processed, always by hand, at the workbench and they are attached to the lining with machines (splitting, skiving, sewing machines).  Even the lining of our bags is full leather.  At the workbench, the metal accessories (which are also Made in Italy) are added, such as the hinges and closures. Finally, the color details are hand-painted using colors that are resistant to wear and tear.  We prefer to never rush the process because that would be at the cost of the strength of the product.  It can certainly be said that products subject to a process of this kind have become increasingly rare in a city of such great tradition, like Florence. This is therefore a process of high-quality craftsmanship and Italian elegance and practicality. Our pride is in seeing with our own eyes that the bags manufactured in Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani still survive today, and in good shape, more than thirty years after they were made.

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