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Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani is an expression of Florentine and Tuscan craftsmanship involving handmade leather products. The workshop adjacent to the shop, located in the middle of the historic center of Florence, offers the opportunity to observe the work of a true craftsman, beginning with the careful selection of raw materials used in our creations made exclusively with top quality leather, manufactured in tanneries Tuscan of Santa Croce sull’Arno.

Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani offers a fine selection of models, although it is on the handbags that it concentrates its creative production: the bag accompanies women everywhere, it is even, on some level, the mobile home inside which they put themselves. And it is to the women that Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani dedicates their bag collection: each model has the name of a woman, and for any woman her bag is where she puts a bit of herself.

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